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"Halls Winter Rally 2010" in Lithuania 2010.01.30
Autor: Gie 12.01.2010 01:49
[b]„Halls Winter Rally 2010“ in Lithuania: the starter of two national championships[/b]


“Halls Winter Rally 2010” will start in Utena city, Lithuanian Republic on 2010 January 30th hereby giving a green light for Lithuanian and Latvian championships. This means that strongest Lithuanian and Latvian crews are going to compete on frozen gravel roads, fighting for the parts of the seconds. All of the crews from your country are expected and particularly welcome.

The organizer of “Halls Winter Rally 2010” – “Pitlane” UAB has already proven to be one of the best organizers in The Baltics. Their rallies attract more than 50 000 spectators and a great number of competitors not forgetting adequate attention from the media. Traditional rally moved from Visaginas to Utena just a year ago and brought even more excitement as local rally drivers never raced here in winter conditions.

From another point of view, Utena city region has always been a beautiful place to visit. It has a great number of country tourism homesteads, lakes, forests, which look equally beautiful in both: winter or summer seasons.

These are the reasons why we would kindly like to invite foreign crews to participate “Halls Winter Rally 2010”. We believe it is a great opportunity to test your abilities in Lithuanian special stages and get more winter rallying experience.

We would also like welcome rally fans to visit Utena region and support their sportsmen!

More information can be found at:

- Official rally website: [url]http://www.hallswinterrally.lt[/url]
- Lithuanian automobile sports federation (LASF) website: [url]http://www.lasf.lt/index.php/lt/[/url]

- E-mail for an instant connection with the organizer: info@pitlane.lt

Rally videos:
- “Halls Winter Rally 2010” teaser:

- Year 2009 onboard video from Lithuanian rally champion V.Švedas:

- Year 2009 onboard video from Latvian rally champion

An interactive map of Lithuania: [url]http://www.maps.lt[/url]

If you are searching for a place to stay, we recommend you visiting: [url]http://www.ezerukrastas.lt/en/[/url] , [url]http://www.utenainfo.lt/anglu/[/url] or [url]http://kaimoturizmas.vtv.lt/paieska/rajonas/id/37/page/1[/url]

The questions and opinions are always welcome and we’ll try to answer as soon as possible.

Thank you for the attention and we are looking forward to seeing you in Utena on January 30th!

Autor: Gie 18.01.2010 11:34
We remind you that according to Bulletin No.2 the entry closing date is prolonged till January 20th (Wednesday), 10:00 am. The entry fees for the crews before this term will not increase.

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